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Can You Really Grow a Company by Going in Debt?

Yes — you can. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

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Why Venture Debt?

You’re In Control

We don’t take an ownership stake in your company — or a seat on your board.

Get Capital Faster

Our application process concludes faster than other SaaS funding options.

Fund Your Goals

Borrow anywhere from $500k to $4 million based on your growth goals.

Payment Flexibility

Our repayment terms scale to the financial growth of your SaaS company.

Relaxed Requirements

Previous equity investment and even profitability aren’t required to qualify.

A Strategic Complement

Already using equity? Extend your runway with debt and bridge any gaps.

Grow Your Own Way

You started your company, so you should be the one to lead it. Our funding doesn’t require you to give up any equity or a board seat. You own it — 100%.

Borrow How You Want

Use tranches to borrow only a portion of the loan amount to avoid paying more interest. You can even re-borrow any principal you’ve paid — extending the life and benefit of your capital.

No Warrants, No Worries

Other lenders won’t take an ownership position, but they’ll definitely require warrants. That just gives them the right to become an equity partner. We take no warrants whatsoever — ever.

Banyan Technology

“It’s really all about preserving equity, which is one of your most valuable assets and only gets more valuable as you grow.”

The Door’s Wide Open

With equity, your exit options (and takeaway) are drastically reduced. That’s not the case with debt. Simply keep your obligation, and you can do whatever and go wherever you want.

Learn How Debt Can Help You Grow

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